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Watchmen Episode 1 of the Season Premiered


Watchmen: Episode 1 of the Season Premiered On HBO

Spoiler Warning

This is a somewhat spoiler-filled recap of the first episode and its consequences towards the remaining season. So if you are still continuing reading you have been warned that their might be some spoilers ahead.

The first episode of the Watchmen series premiered on HBO. The series is based on a comic strip of the same name that was issued in the 1980s. It is based on a dark and grim representation of superheroes in the society that we live in. But the series fits more with the crime, action, thriller genre than the superhero genre. From just previewing the first episode it is evident that superheroes are not gonna be the main plot of the season. There are hints in the episode that tells us that events of the Watchmen movie have already occurred in the past. This season takes place in the same universe as the movie. Those events have led to the current political structure of the US.

The episode portrays the racism in the US in the past towards the African American community. Racism has had a decline but not completely eradicated in the present time. There have been different new laws to protect the justice system. A white supremacist group called “The Seventh Kavalry” has resurfaced after 3 years and is looking to finish the work that they had started before. The group is known for wearing Rorschach Masks. Threatening the lives of the people who stand in their way The Seventh Kavalry is plotting against the current system of law and order.

7th cavalry

The Seventh Kavalary

Future of the series

The first episode sets a good pace and primary stepping stone for the rest of the series, which looks to be filled with great thrills and action. Hopefully, this series gets to be more enjoyable and fill the void that Game of Thrones has left us with.


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