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TwitchTv: A Video Game Streaming Platform


TwitchTV: A Video Game Streaming Platform and More

E-Sport is on the boom right now. Video Game players are making bank these days because of the awesome prizes gaming tournaments are offering. Video Game companies such as Valve, Riot Games, Epic Games and so on are hosting huge Gaming events with epic prize pools every month or so. Cable TV and Dish TV seldom prove a good source to view these events from home. Gamers have to use the internet for streaming services so they can enjoy these events from their homes. Social networks such as Facebook and Youtube often live-stream these events. TwitchTV is the first place every gamer goes to on the internet to live-stream these kinds of events.

Scope of Twitch

Twitch is the largest streaming platform for gamers in the world. Hundreds of thousands of people are online at any time of the day at Twitch. Twitch is an easy to use website for streamers and provides great facilities to streamers as well. The website has grown to such heights that even non-gaming players stream on twitch as twitch has multiple channels for non-gamers to stream on. This could either be a Vlog stream, a cooking stream or just a chatting stream. Twitch has a global audience and people from every part of the world stream on it and watch streams on it. Whether it is Australia, Russia, the US or even China everyone is using this website to stream.

Twitch A streaming platform around the globe

It has become a source of earnig for a lot of streamers who have achieved a large number of viewers. There are a lot of ways for streamers to earn a livelihood by streaming on this platform. There is a subscription where viewers can subscribe to there favourite streamers which can get them special priveledges over the normal viewers. Donations are another method by which the viewers can support their streamers to continue producing quality content for their entertainment. Big companies can sponsor streamers to market their product. Ada is another way which helps streamers earn more money.

Anyone who has a good internet connection can benefit from this amazing site. There are amazing communities present on the site and there is something for everyone here.


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