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Revamped Sonic The HedgeHog New Trailer

Revamped Sonic The HedgeHog

New Trailer For Sonic The Hedgehog Featuring A Revamped Character Model For Sonic

Revamped Sonic is finally revealed in the new Sonic the hedgehog trailer. The first trailer of the movie caused a great backlash among fans of sonic. The first trailer featured a sonic in a human-like appearance that freaked out most of the watchers. Fans were outraged and were demanding a remake of the character model in the movie.

Sonic was initially going to be released in the mid of November. But due to the backlash, Director Jeff Fowler was forced to revamp the character. The release date was pushed forward for this purpose. The movie will now be released in the mid of February.

sonic old vs new

Sonic Old Trailer Vs New Trailer

Director Jeff Fowler reassured the fans that they will work hard in making a better-looking character model for sonic. The new revamped sonic looks closer to the original sonic from the games. Its a little cartoonish but still way better than the freaky looking thing introduced to us in the first trailer. The New version of sonic has bigger eyes and way less teeth (not human-looking as well).

Sonic The Hedgehog stars Ben Schwartz voicing the iconic character sonic and Jim Carrey is starring as Dr Robotnik the arch-enemy of sonic. We see quite a bit of Dr Robotnik in the new trailer compared to the first one. Jim Carrey is going to be hilarious in the role as usual. This is going to be a fun movie if not great at least. Let’s hope all this waiting for a sonic movie finally pays off.


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