Best New TV Shows Airing this Fall - R.A.M.Z Post Best New TV Shows Airing this Fall - R.A.M.Z Post

Best New TV Shows Airing this Fall

Best New TV Shows Airing this Fall

Best New TV Shows Airing this Fall

The time of the year when new shows air on our TV screens has arrived. With the fall season starting we see many great shows airing on the Horizon. Time to mark our calendars with the airing date and time of new shows. So we get prepared to have an awesome fall 2019/2020. so many shows coming to my screen it is hard to choose which ones to follow and watch. Here is a small list of TV shows that hopefully are epic this fall.


Watchmen is based on the comic book series from the mid-1980s. This comic book series also spawned a film adaptation. It was dark and grim and the movie had a Cult following with some great performances from its cast. This series follows masked vigilantes who are considered outlaws in this alternate universe. This is the new show that HBO wants to replace GOT with.

Air Date: 20 October 2019

Cast: Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Christie Amery, Hong Chau

Living with yourself

A comedy Tv show starring Paul Rudd. Airing on Netflix this fall this season looks to take on a humorous new look on the movie “The 6th day”. In this season Paul Rudd’s character undergoes an experimental procedure to improve his lifestyle and become happy. He gets what he wants but they make a clone of him and replace his older self with him. Now he must learn to live with a better version of himself.

Air Date:18 October 2019

Cast: Paul Rudd, Aisling Bea, Alia Shawkat 

The Mandalorian

Star Wars The Mandalorian takes place after the Empire Fell and before The first order emerged. It follows a lone bounty hunter in a galaxy far from the reaches of the authority of the New Republic. From the looks of the trailer and teasers, we are bound to get some great Visuals and storyline. Streaming on Disney+ this fall it’s a must-watch for Star Wars Fans.

Air Date:12 November 2019

Cast: Kyle Pacek, Pedro Pascal, Brendan Wayne 

His Dark Material

His Dark Material is based on a best-selling trilogy of novels from the late 90s  The novel Had a film adaptation based on the first book of the trilogy “The Golden Compass” but didn’t do well enough in the box office to produce the remaining sequels. For people who hadn’t read the novels, the movie left them unfinished. Hopefully this time now the TV show does well and we get to see the story in the novels come in real life in front of her eyes. His Dark Material follows a couple of children on their adventure in a magical world filled with different perils.

Air Date:4 November 2019

Cast: Archie Barnes, Kit Connor, Dafne Keen

Let’s hope all these Shows are a great success and we get to see some brilliant performance and stories this fall.


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