Best Must-have Apps for Android Users - R.A.M.Z Post Best Must-have Apps for Android Users - R.A.M.Z Post

Best Must-have Apps for Android Users

Best Must-have Apps for Android Users

Top 5 Must-have Android Apps

Google’s Android has lots of amazing apps in their AppStore. You can geek out and install various apps to make your android device a powerhouse. But that is a luxury and not needed for everyone. Some basic essential apps that every android user must have on his smartphone are as follows:

VPN(Virtual Private Network)

Installing a good VPN is a must for every smartphone user. A VPN lets you browse safely on the internet. It can be helpful as well to access data anonymously and safely from your phone without the risk of getting viruses and malware in your phone. A VPN is helpful if you want to access some content that is not available to you due to some region constriction.

Some of the best VPNs available on the Google AppStore are

  • NordVPN
  • ExpressVPN
  • ZenMate

Password Manager

Apps like Lastpass and Dashlane are great apps to keep track of your passwords safely. These apps let you save passwords for your social media accounts and other accounts, so you won’t forget passwords to your accounts.

Multimedia Apps


A music streaming app like Spotify or Google Play Music is an essential tool for everyone. For people who like to listen to Podcasts, there are apps like Pocket Casts and Podcast addicts.


Youtube is mostly already installed on android phones but if it is not, you better install it. Youtube is the number 1 video streaming website in the world and its app lets you watch and keep tabs on your favourite youtube channels. There are apps like VLC and MX player for Offline video streaming,


Every smartphone has a basic internet browser installed in it. But it has very basic and limited functions. There are browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera which let you have a better browsing experience than your stock internet browser.

Camera App

Same as the browser, The stock camera app lets you take clicks but does not let you use the full potential of your smartphone camera. Apps like Google Camera, Camera MX and Cymera let you take pictures in different modes and better quality and are loaded with features that your stock camera app does not have. These apps are an essential tool because every smartphone user wants to make good use of their camera.

Links for the Apps are as follows

NordVPN    ExpressVPN      ZenMate     Lastpass     Dashlane     Spotify     Pocket Casts     Podcast addicts     VLC     MX player     Google Chrome     Mozilla Firefox    Opera     Google Camera     Camera MX      Cymera



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