Diablo IV Cinematic Trailer Released - R.A.M.Z Post Diablo IV Cinematic Trailer Released - R.A.M.Z Post

Diablo IV Cinematic Trailer Released

Diablo IV Cinematic Trailer Released

Diablo IV

Blizzard Entertainment announced Diablo IV with a cinematic trailer and a gameplay trailer. The trailers were launched at the event Blizzcon. Diablo 4 is an Action Role-Playing Game(ARPG). Diablo IV is the successor to the hugely successful Diablo III. Diablo III came out in 2012 and after 7 years the next instalment has finally been announced. There were some DLCs along the way which helped fans to cope though. But finally, Diablo franchise fans get a new story in the franchise.

Cinematic Trailer

Blizzard has a very beautiful animation style (We hope they go into animation and start making animated movies). The trailer starts off by showing us a scene of a devastated village with different ruins among it. A group of people including a priest have entered a tomb of sorts. The people are here in search of some treasure. They looters or thieves are using the priest to open the tomb. But little do they know that they are not going to find something material. Instead, they awaken the daughter of Mephisto Lilith.

Gameplay Trailer

The short gameplay trailer we get a brief look at 3 classes in the game. The 3 classes are:

  • Barbarian
  • Sorceress
  • Druid

Barbarian is a tank and wields an arsenal of weapons for every occasion of the battle. He has earth-shattering slams which can be used to defeat a horde of enemies.

Sorceress is a mage and will be good in multiple scenarios. She shapes the elements of nature into any form deemed fit to ensure victory over the enemy. She can rain down meteors and can even impale foe with jagged ice spikes that erupt from the ground.

Druid has the ability to shapeshift and the druid is seen turning into a bear in the gameplay trailer. The druid has command over the powers of earth, wind and storm. These can be used to bring the wrath of nature to its foes.


The Release date is yet to be announced. We will update it whenever it is officially announced. Diablo 4 will release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


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